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  • Practice Analysis
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Contract Negotiation
  • IT Training & Support
  • Reimbursement Analysis
  • Billing / Accounts Receivable / Collections
  • Managed Care Issues & Procedures Training

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Services Available:

  1. Practice Analysis
    1. Identify and Pursue new business opportunities
    2. Create value-added services
    3. Comparison Analysis
    4. Retain market share
    5. Grow your business
    6. Referral Sources
    7. Networking
    8. Brochures

  2. IT Training & Support

    1. Interim Practice Administration

      1. Accounts Receivable Training & Enforcement
        1. Strategies to lower your A/R
        2. Taking the correct insurance
        3. Contractual Adjustments
        4. Follow up on claims
        5. A/R Management
        6. Collections

      2. Contracting and Negotiations
        1. Managed Care contracting & negotiations for Group Health and Workers Compensation Carriers
        2. Re-negotiation of current Managed Care contracts
        3. At-Risk Contracting with Managed Care carriers
        4. Third Party Administration contracting
        5. Direct Employer contracting

      3. Training and Education
        1. New Fee Guidelines for Workers Compensation
        2. Factors to consider in At-Risk Contracting
        3. New Forms and Reimbursement Structures
        4. Occupational Medicine
        5. Current Legislation
        6. Software Training
        7. Pre-certifications
        8. Referral Process
        9. CTP4/ICD9 Coding

      4. Collections
        1. When to turn a patient over to an Agency
        2. Collection letters and follow up
        3. Getting paid for what you do
        4. Procedural Training

      5. Reimbursement Analysis
        1. Fee for Service vs. Capitation
        2. RBRVS Fee Analysis

      6. Full Billing Service or Billing Procedures
        1. Assessing your current and future needs
        2. HCFA 1500 Claims Processing and Coding
        3. Your rights as a Healthcare Provider
        4. Choosing the right Medical Software
        5. Bundling and Unbundling of Charges
        6. Electronic vs. Paper claim filing
        7. Filing deadlines and appeals
        8. Insurance Appeals Process

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